Monday, May 14, 2012

Heathy Nails, Ulzzang nails

Alright, Alright some of us may not have picture perfect nails or you may have nails that grow to a certain point and give up to only break off. Well for those of you with brittle nails it's time to tackle that issue from the inside out. Vitamins and moister! vitamins B and folic acid and Vitamin D will help grow you nails bright and strong. Be sure to at first to take them at low mg at first and take them every other day to where maybe in a few months take up the mg in each vitamin and be able to take it everyday for great nails.As for moister apply sweet almond oil to your nails and rose oil, not only will you smell good this will moisterize your dry nails. ( you won't really be able to wear colored nails polishes during the first four months of this though). Invest in one good nail hardning clear nail polish, nail magic or Sally Hensan nail diamond nail harderner.

But there are those of you whom have healthy mid lenght nails but are breaking off after a certain point. you will also have to take the suggested Vitamins above or Hair,Skin and nails pills to help your nails finish the race. Also wear nail hardening nail polish but also get ridge filler polish (yes,). you can get it at Sally's Beauty Supply Store. It comes in creamy white or soft pink. This will reinforce your nails and you can wear it alone or under a nail color.

Different Nail Tips, Square, Round and Pointed

Everyone loves to get their nails done, it's that pampering women should get every now and again. But when you go to get them done what does the nail technician ask you " do you want square tips". It's such a poplar tip style now that they don't really put Pointed or Round tip as a suggestion for you. Square Tips do look nice on everyone but see if you would like to try a Round tip?
Round Tips: look nice on slim long fingers, make thicker finger also look slimmer.
Pointy Tips: are more of an edgy style and empowering.
Square Tips: gives a classic finish, but if you have a bit of thicker short fingers, this style will make them look a bit more blocky.
So go ahead and try something new.