Sunday, September 25, 2016

Gone too long🌼

Hello everyone I've been gone too long huh? I've been building my skincare line and doing reviews. Been taking the advice from etsy on making my natural line to be better understood by the consumer. So I took a long vacation and my Shop back up.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost review 😱

Hello Hello, So I have been using The Body Shop's Vitamin C Skin Boost for Four Months now for my acne scars and for brightening my skin. When I first started using it I noticed that my skin was instantly matte which I like " combination skin type" it smells like zingy orange morning scent and that it made my skin so soft. After about two months into it my scars began to lighten mind you I paired it with The Body Shops exfoliate Microdermabrasion in their Vitamin C Line. I also paired it with their Drops Of Youth Serum, Pomegranate night cream was also used like twice a month. So overtime my skin just got brighter and healthier looking. And when I did break out the pimple when it was ready to settle back into the skin it didn't turn into a such a dark scar it actually maintained a lighter shade. I would recommend this to all skin types, if you are trying to have more beautiful or glowing or nice skin you gotta try this. Also this is great for makeup wearers as it also duals as a makeup primer, so you can treat your skin under your makeup. Um let's see if you do apply too much it will have a greasy feel, so you really don't need a lot.  The cost is usually 28 to 29 dollars US but if you have your Love Your Body Card you get it 10%off!

Essie "muchi muchi" nail polish review!

So I've had this polish for a little while now. So I could give a full review on it in my own opinion right? So here goes..... I am in luuuuve with this polish by Essie in "Muchi Muchi" it's a creamy soft pink that is classy and a pink that is so everyday.  It does cost eight dollars but it's so worth the price. This polish does need a few coats, I would say about three, and the brush is on the narrow side but you do get used to it. Just load up and apply. In the picture this is after three coats and waiting in between applications I would say about ten minutes. It's nice on it own after it dries but if you want a little more attention add a high shine top coat.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dahbudda pie,

New Dahbudda Pie, This all natural creamy sweet and oh so moisterizing Body Butter has four essential oils, two fruits and spice. The deep brown flecks are cinnamon which give a bit of scrub and exfoliation to the skin. The scent is light and sweet like pie but has a clean scent finish with the help of tea tree oil. (This body butter comes in a 8.5 oz container at the price 10.00 usd.) you can find this and many other all natural body butters at 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Just got a boost (new packaging and size)

So I finally got the perfect 100 ml containers for Dahbudda body butters and got a new camera. Soon this size of Dahbudda body butter will be for sale for 10.00 dollars. Great rich all natural Dahbudda. Lol, still working on labeling but all will be ready before the Christmas holiday. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Starting over! ( Business Venture)

Sometimes you gotta start over, I am learning this the hard way sadly. So the packaging will be changed and more will be added to the sales approach and of course way more items whooooooooo. a lot to do but of course I want things to hold to true the product and its purpose. Back to the drawing board, i guess be hopefully it will help. wish me luck!