Saturday, July 28, 2012

Golden Girl Ulzzang Sets (The Goddess Ulzzang)

Well summer is  almost over and its time to end it just like the sunsets, in it's golden and beautiful way. Check out my new Golden Goddess Collection.

그럼 여름이 끝나가는 그것을 종료하기위한 시간은 단지 황금과 아름다운 방법이지에서 석양을 좋아해요. 나의 새로운 황금 여신 컬렉션을 확인해보십시오.

Golden Sunrise:

Simply Golden:

Sunset across the land:

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gangsta 2ne1 Nail inspired

Got some really great ideas from 2ne1 new style, it's like cute and colorful but still has that 2ne1 type of hard edge. I hope everyone likes my twist on the style

Time to Party Ulzzang!

I am talking about the congratulations parties, were the moment your are celebrating has been long awaited. Either a graduation, the birth of a baby, a promotion in the job or any great triumph someone has done. I love these kind of parties! and what best to do but to go all out with your style, go wild and join in the joy with the person. And a good place to start is with your nails, use metallics to match the golden moment, or do a different color on every nail. Just do it, just like the person whom had reached their goals.
And be thankful that you get to share this moment with them.

(축하 파티에 대해 얘기하고, 당신을 축화 오래 기다려온되었습니다 순간 있었다.졸업은 아기의 출생, 직장 또는 위대한 승리 누군가의 홍보 다니다 어느 쪽이든. 저는 당사자의 이러한 종류의 사랑! 그리고 무엇을 가장 잘 할 수 있지만 스타일로 모든 데이트, 야생 가서 사람과 기쁨에 동참. 그리고 시작하기 좋은 장소가 손톱과 함께, 모든 손톱에 다른 색상을 황금 순간과 일치하거나 할 metallics를 사용합니다. 단지 그들의 목표에 도달했던 사람처럼, 그렇게. 그리고 그들과 함께이 순간을 공유하고 얻을 것을 다행으로)

This set is Pretty Party,

Monday, July 23, 2012

fx Electric Shock Inspired Nails

I really got addicted to the Kpop group fx single, "Electric Shock" and really liked all the LED lights in the video. With high energy techno and cute dance moves it got my artsy side going and I came up with this nail set, please rate and comment.

Fruit N Vines Set

I thought Fruit n Vines Just really fit with this creation. These would be great on a tropical vacation.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Jelly Deco

Jelly Deco Nails: With cute and sweet colors added to a hard line edge. Great for videos and Photos. No one is going to miss you with this style.

Wild Nails ( Pink Zebra)

Pink and Wild nails for a hot night or just an accent for your whole outfit. Dig your claws into the day with this look. Safari Pink made by me.

Ulzzang Nail Style

This is a great basic Ulzzang color, still in the family of pastels and bright color. Try it out, This is from Sally Hansen for 1.99 at your local Walgreens or CVS. it has a glossy finish and creamy application for strong wear. This Color is 360,Nail'd it!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Special Kind of Luv ( Ulzzang Collection)

A special kind of luv was made off the idea that, just because it may not make too much sense on the outside for people whom are together, well it's still beautiful and comes from love.

Love Collection

                                                                    Love is in the air
Love is in the air is created by me, with Sally Hansen Topcoat, Sinful Colors light pink for the clouds. Gold touches with Sally Beauty Supply Store nail writers and light purple dots with Sally Hansen.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ulzzang Luxury Collection

Ulzzang Luxury Collection is Simple and Clean Ulzzang Style nails with flecks of gold or for anyone whom like just a little sparkle. This one is Shooting Star.
Side Stripe
Wild Blue
So please enjoy the collection and leave comments, really loved making these for the summer season.

Why use a Top Coat?

So you have painted your nails at rich purple for a girl's night out, you will be dancing, laughing and pretty much picking up and touching various objects and taking pictures and eating ect.....but will your colored nailpolish be able to withstand the whole night without a single chip or nick.
Here are the Pro's of always applying a top coat to your Tips.
1. Gives a glossy finish
2. Your manicure will last up to a month with top coat touch up's
3. Will also protect your nails, from when you open boxes or cleaning and cooking.
4. Sparkles on a sunny day.

Here are the best top coat to trust:
1. Sally Hensen Diamond Nail Hardener and Top Coat.
2. Sally's Beauty Supply Professional Top Coat.
3. Nutra Nail Top Coat ( can be found at Walgreens and CVS)
4. Nail Magic ( Also found at Walgreens, although rather pricey..if used as a base and top coat, your nails will thank you for it greatly!)

So please make use of top coats, they are worth buying and actually down the road save you from having to keep re painting your nails.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Polka Party (Ulzzang Nails all done with Dots)

All of these nails have dots and spots involved, this is Ulzzang pink graffiti. I would say for more Mikku Style Ulzzang. It edgy and sweet and of course ultra cute. pink dots and deeper pink background is by Sinful Colors. The lines are by Sally's beauty supply, also on sale at the moment two for five dollars. All designs are made by me.

Kpop Dots: All by Sinful Colors but design by myself.

Luxury Ulzzang: I got this idea from 2ne1 new video, everything was rich, colorful and had touches of gold. So I just simplified for more of a Ulzzang look.
Art Deco Ulzzang: These are for the Artsy Type Ulzzang,

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2ne1 "I Love You" Inspired Nails

So if your pretty into Kpop, you probably know of the all girl group 2ne1. A mix of electro pop with reggae tones, catchy lyrics and really doesn't matter if you understand it or not. lol. But for me after seeing the video I got into the use of color and eighties extravagance. So many Golds and passion hues of red and pink with shocks of forest greens and turquios brought me to do the same feel with these nails. Hope Everyone likes it.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Ulzzang Toes ( Pastels and Polka Dots)

Under the Summer Sun Beam is Ulzzang Toe Design made by me, blue dots are SinFul nailpolish turquois. pink background is Sally Hansen, and lighter almost white/pink is also Sinful Polish Brand.
All can be purchased at your local Walgreens.