Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Have a Happy New Year Everyone!

I wish that everyone have the greatest new year. All your resolutions come true,and all your dreams be full filled.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Etsy.com Dahbutter is up

so dahbutters Shea butter is now on sale on etsy.com. Under dahbutters, its priced for only three to four dollars and this is with shipping and handling. What a deal for all natural Shea butter that can be used for dry skin,uneven skin tone and scars. Just wanted to show a demo to show how creamy and how it just melts into a light moisturizer.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

so guilty!

so uljjang,the holidays here and is all of the sweet temptations,cakes and pies and cookies etc. Dance in my head this time of year. But my all tin

Saturday, December 21, 2013

finally the time is here!

pineapple Shea butter will be on sale on etsy.com today. But there is only two. One full one for four dollars and one for 2.50. This also includes shipping and handling so all you pay is exactly four dollars or 2.50. Wow!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

inner drive

sometimes in life we get down on ourselves,just go along to day to day living...well just accept things just as they are. Is it because we believe we can't excel or it doesn't matter what we do that things will not change. Well I feel (this is my opinion) that you should always strive for better and live your dreams,or even in the simplest tasks you should challenge it. To always hold on to your morale is what truly wins the war,that inner push for better will grow and grow till you reach the peak of your mountain. So even if now you are bored,hurt,sad,frustrated,indifferent, try to take some time and reflect in yourself what you want for you and only you. Go running or take a walk in the fresh air and feed your inner spirit. The glass is now half full for you, it's about time to fill it up.
bring your best face forward.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tamanu oil (다 마루 오일)Entering the business

So along the way of finding the best ingredients for the new fresh line I found tamanu oil. I myself have never seen this before so I looked it up. turns out its great for cuts and hair repair! So you know I had to add it in almost everything!!

SheaBudda fresh line, Pineapple cream (SheaBudda 신선한 라인, 파인애플 크림)


 Shea butter and coconut oil mixed and freezed.

 everything blended up and whipped.
This is the beginning of the fresh shea butter line. made with all natural pineapple juice, cinnamon, yellow shea butter and coconut oil.

with the shea butter you'll get moister and heal scars. with the cinnamon it will free it of bacteria, the coconut oil will moisturize and will give a fresh feel. added to the mix is tamaru oil to get a deeper moister.

이것은 신선한 시어 버터 라인의 시작입니다. 모든 자연적인 파인애플 주스, 계피, 노란색 시어 버터, 코코넛 오일로 만든.

시어 버터와 함께 당신은 축축한 얻고 상처를 치유합니다.계피 박테리아 해방 할 것이다 코코넛 오일은 보습하고 신선한 느낌을 줄 것이다. 믹스에 추가하는 것은 더 깊은 축축한를 얻을 수 다 마루 오일입니다.

Another great thing about this shea butter, its all natural and smells like pineapple and butter cream frosting.mmmm

Thursday, December 12, 2013

cinnamon hair mask! 계피

so I have been doing cinnamon treatments for five months now. Not only does it smell great but it's given me a brown tint in the sunlight.
pros: softer hair, great smell, removes product build up, naturally lightens your hair.
cons: little messy to apply.

Also you don't need to get anything too expensive to make your mask just basic conditioner is ok. I like to use V05 Strawberry of apple, I think it makes a great scent with the cinnamon.

 그래서 지금 5 개월 계피 치료를하고있다. 그것은 좋은 냄새가 않습니다 그러나 그것은 나에게 햇빛에 갈색 색조를 부여 뿐만 아니라.

장점 : 부드러운 머리, 좋은 냄새, 제품 구축 제거 자연적으로 당신의 머리를 밝게합니다.

단점 : 적용 좀 지저분.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Entering the Business 2

While on my journey to being self made, lol......Yeah going into business for myself I mean I wanted to work with high quality products and I happened to trip over the Line called Okay. with super creamy shea butter.
Ill be using this for awhile, just love it.

Keeping your feet fantastic in the winter, (겨울에 환상적인 발을 유지)

So thankfully the winter months are coming to an end, and your manicure is going to come out and play for the spring but lets say while your rocking the latest boots right now you may have not been tending to your feet all that great since they are all covered up. But no worries! her is some all natural fixes.
그래서 다행히도 겨울 끝 나가고있다, 당신의 매니큐어 나와서 봄을 재생하려고하지만, 때문에 당신은 당신이 모든 것을 돌봐되지 않은 수 있습니다 지금 최신 부츠를 흔들면서 말할 수 모든 덮여. 그러나 걱정! 그녀 약간의 모든 자연적인 수정입니다.

Your number one weapon will be socks......yep socks. Applying your favorite moisturizer and putting on socks right before bed with soften your heels and keep your toes looking beautiful.
Another aid for keep your feet in overall health is foot soaks. using course sea salt or Epson salt in a little tub of hot water ( of course to a heat you can stand) and soak you feet for about half an hour. While your relaxing go ahead and watch your favorite shows or do your nails. This method will also keep you warm.

귀하의 번호를 하나의 무기는 양말 ...... 양말 될 것입니다. 당신의 마음에 드는 로션을 적용하고 오른쪽 버튼 침대 전에 양말 넣어 당신의 발 뒤꿈치를 부드럽게하고 아름다운 찾고 발가락을 유지합니다.

전반적인 건강에 발을 유지하기위한 또 다른 지원은 스며있다. 뜨거운 물을 약간 욕조에 코스 바다 소금이나 엡손 소금 사용하면 (물론 당신이 서있을 수있다) 약 30 시간 동안 당신의 발을 적신다. 당신의 휴식 가서 좋아하는 프로그램 시청하거나 손톱을 수행하는 동안. 이 방법은 몸을 따뜻하게 유지합니다.

Shea Butter Line Fresh Tropics! (시어 버터 라인 신선한 열대!)

Well in a previous post I spoke of going into business for myself. Selling all natural shea butters, I found some great ingredients along my journey. and premium quality shea butter Brand  "Okay" had caught my eye.
물론 이전 포스트에서 나는 나 자신을위한 사업으로가는 말했다. 모든 자연적인 시어 버터를 판매, 나는 나의 여행을 따라 좋은 성분을 발견했다. 프리미엄 품질의 시어 버터 브랜드 "좋아요" 눈을 사로 잡은했다

Buttery yellow huh! (버터 노란색 !)
Blending this with all natural coconut oil and matcha green tea makes this a cool refreshing blend of moister. 모든 천연 코코넛 오일과 말차 녹차 블렌딩 축축한 시원한 상쾌한 혼합한다.
So after mixing all of this together here is what I got!
So this is my trial, so far. hope to give you more updates soon.
그래서 이것은 지금까지 시험입니다. 더 많은 업데이 트를 줄 수 있도록 노력하겠습니다.