Thursday, December 19, 2013

inner drive

sometimes in life we get down on ourselves,just go along to day to day living...well just accept things just as they are. Is it because we believe we can't excel or it doesn't matter what we do that things will not change. Well I feel (this is my opinion) that you should always strive for better and live your dreams,or even in the simplest tasks you should challenge it. To always hold on to your morale is what truly wins the war,that inner push for better will grow and grow till you reach the peak of your mountain. So even if now you are bored,hurt,sad,frustrated,indifferent, try to take some time and reflect in yourself what you want for you and only you. Go running or take a walk in the fresh air and feed your inner spirit. The glass is now half full for you, it's about time to fill it up.
bring your best face forward.

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