Thursday, December 12, 2013

cinnamon hair mask! 계피

so I have been doing cinnamon treatments for five months now. Not only does it smell great but it's given me a brown tint in the sunlight.
pros: softer hair, great smell, removes product build up, naturally lightens your hair.
cons: little messy to apply.

Also you don't need to get anything too expensive to make your mask just basic conditioner is ok. I like to use V05 Strawberry of apple, I think it makes a great scent with the cinnamon.

 그래서 지금 5 개월 계피 치료를하고있다. 그것은 좋은 냄새가 않습니다 그러나 그것은 나에게 햇빛에 갈색 색조를 부여 뿐만 아니라.

장점 : 부드러운 머리, 좋은 냄새, 제품 구축 제거 자연적으로 당신의 머리를 밝게합니다.

단점 : 적용 좀 지저분.

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