Friday, July 13, 2012

Polka Party (Ulzzang Nails all done with Dots)

All of these nails have dots and spots involved, this is Ulzzang pink graffiti. I would say for more Mikku Style Ulzzang. It edgy and sweet and of course ultra cute. pink dots and deeper pink background is by Sinful Colors. The lines are by Sally's beauty supply, also on sale at the moment two for five dollars. All designs are made by me.

Kpop Dots: All by Sinful Colors but design by myself.

Luxury Ulzzang: I got this idea from 2ne1 new video, everything was rich, colorful and had touches of gold. So I just simplified for more of a Ulzzang look.
Art Deco Ulzzang: These are for the Artsy Type Ulzzang,

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