Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A moment of Blue ( review on Blueberry sheet mask and temporary hair color Colorista in shade indigo

alright so lets get into this colorista, so your going to hear a lot of reviews on this mainly because its super easy and that this product actually colors and conditions your hair. whooo so much this temporary color offers. I think this would be great for girls who lightened their hair and its growing out, you can pick from colors that they have and cover up the grow out with fun color and condition your hair. I was able to leave it in my hair for an hour, it says for a shorter time but hey they say its vegan and i had to see what would happen. I had lightened my hair from a year back so now I HAVE THESE ORANGE ENDS, SO NOT ATTRACTIVE OF COURSE, so when i found this i was like well it's ten bucks and they say its for lightened hair. I am like why not , my hair feels like the end of a broom stick and i can't do this orange hair anymore. left it in for a hr and yes smooth dark indigo hair. 

I really enjoyed this too, it gave me great hydration and fresher appearance in my skin, I have been exposed to a lot of sun this year and need to start repairing and at least trying to bring it back in some kind of way. so this definitely is a stepping stone to better skin. got it at Ross for five bucks.

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