Friday, June 15, 2012

Foot Health, Ulzzang Toes (2)

Don't feel like you have to hide away because you feel your feet are less than perfect. We're on to our second step into great looking toes so you can wear your cute string sandals for the summer with pride.

Foot Health: a good way to maintain good foot health is taking multi-vitamins and getting natural oils to moisterize your feet after a good soak.
The Vitamins will promote healthy nail growth and be rid of dark nails and the problematic dark black line down the middle of the nail.
The natural oils such as sweet almond oil and emu oil will go through all the layers of the skin. this will soften feet and prevent it from cracking and becoming infected.
Also with clipping your nails, file them instead. This is actually more hygenic to your nail and will stop your nails from snagging on your socks or stockings.

Deordorizing Foot Sprays: Are a great buy to maintain healthy feet, Burt's bee's, Bath and Body Works Spa Blue Collection and The Body Shop have foot sprays that freshen up your toes. Natural peppermint oils and eucalyptus bring your tired feet back to life, and yea they smell great too.

Sweat proof socks: New Balance and Asics make sweat proof socks, this will be sooo good to your feet, allowing your feet to breath better during a run or jog and they will smell better being that sweat and your sneakers won't be making a intant slow cooker to your feet. Making red flags to your feet leading to various types of foot fungus.
So don't feel down on your feet anymore, your feet are what get you everywhere without complaint. They take on all of our weight of you,and run with us, kick for us, and skip along with us. But now it's time to make them beautiful again and give them much needed attention in a better way.

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