Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ulzzang Feet ( How to keep your feet looking their best)

Since this is "Vegas Nails" it would only be right to talk about toe nails. The foot as a whole is pretty much neglected by women now. Yes you may paint your toe nails, but what about the rest? I thought we could tackle this in parts. Skin, Health,Nails.
In this post I will help with the skin of the foot. Is it dry, rough, and calloused? does it even have odor?
Skin of the foot: Well first soak your feet evey other day or the least at the end of the week,Just boil hot water in a pot or tea pot and put two tea bags in it (any kind of tea bags are fine , I use green tea lipton). After the water has cooled to where you can take a certain amount of warmth, pour water into a basin to where you can put you feet in. Then put a tablespoon of baking soda to naturally deodorize the foot.Epson Salt is also good to put in, but only a tablespoon.
Soak your feet for at least thirty minutes, you will be relaxed and your feet will be softer and smell so good. Keeping this up will also improve the health of your foot. Dodging Athlete's Foot, Foot Fungus and infections.
After This always,always apply lotion to the Skin of the foot. For very dry feet try Carmex new Healing Cream (you can find it at Walgreens or CVS, $1.99) Or Sally's Beauty Store "Barefoot" foot Balm. And Before you got bed put socks on to retain the moister of the lotion applied to the foot. And a good pumice Scrubber and Foot File to maintain you skin.
Other Tips: Where open toe shoes or sandals when possible, the foot will be able to breath and not get a chance to build odor.
Don't Ever wear heels or Sneakers too much, Heels can damage you natural arch of your foot and sneakers will just spoil your feet. so try to find a happy medium ( they have many shoe brands that are easy on your feet and still look pretty nice, ask your local Payless Sales person or Famous Footwear and or Rack Room Shoe store.)

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